We are Open

Hope this finds everyone safe and healthy.
During this difficult time we find ourselves in doing business the way we would like is not an option. Fear not though as we are still open for walk ups and phone in orders. You can make payment over the phone or by debit terminal. For our safety and yours our doors and debit terminal are washed after every transaction. The debit terminal reaches over 6 feet to help us all keep our distance.
To make it a little easier , you can browse through some photos of the things we carry inside the shop as well as some of the soils we have in the yard. As new product comes in we will be posting right away.
Things are changing day by day it seems so please keep posted for any changes that might be coming.
We are within weeks of getting our vegetable plants and we will be expanding on what we normally bring in.
With pansies already in more flower product is not far behind.
Stay posted and keep safe.

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